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Where Ya’ Goin’  (July 2011)
The family Bluegrass Gospel quartet from Ohio, New Jerusalem Bluegrass, has released a new album titled Where Ya’ Goin’. The album was produced by Ron Fairchild and was recorded in Hendersonville, Tennessee. This family is about as musical as they come. Both Mom, Dad, and daughters, Candy and Calina, all play multiple instruments, as well as sing. The harmonies on the album are really good, especially on the song, “Sheltered In The Arms Of God.” “All My Tears” is a song that really stands out on this album, as the melody is haunting and memorable, while the track shows the musicianship of this talented family. New Jerusalem Bluegrass is playing many live dates this year. You can bet they are even better live that they are on CD. Check out their website for their touring schedule, and go check out a show. Family groups are always fun to watch!
Soul Fillin' Station (June 2010)
They are a gifted Gospel Bluegrass family quartet from Ohio, and New Jerusalem Bluegrass (Calina, Candy, Diana, and Rusty Boggs) received a pair of ICM nominations last fall. Here they give us twelve terrific songs, including covers of Hank Williams' A House Of Gold and He Looked Beyond My Faults (And Saw My Need) by Dottie Rambo. Teen-aged vocalist, fiddle/mandolin/banjo player Calina co-wrote the lead song, Tellin It. Their family harmonies are outstanding, as is the instrumental work on tunes such as the difficult, racehorse-tempo Bill Monroe favorite Get Up John.

Precious Memories  (May 2009)

Exciting things have been happening for New Jerusalem Bluegrass, the family Bluegrass Gospel quartet from Ohio.  Crossing That Bridge Tomorrow, written by the quartet's 16-year-old fiddle and mandolin player and vocalist Calina Boggs, has reached the Top 5 of the Bluegrass charts.  This album provides Precious Memories not just for the Boggs family (the quartet is made up of Rusty, Diana, Calina, and Candy Boggs) but for all their fans as well.  A bonus track, Who Am I, features the stirring vocals of Diana's mom Opal, who passed on years ago, now combined in the studio with the harmonies of her daughter and grandchildren.  "Through modern technology," as the liner notes tell us, "three generations of our family get to sing together for the first time."  Like everything New Jerusalem Bluegrass does, it's pure magic.

New Jerusalem Presents Candy Boggs - Bluegrass and NewGrass

The Carter Family proved it, and the Boggs family reminds us again that there's just something special about a family band and blood harmony. Something pure and loving that can't be manufactured. This thirteen-year-old knows how to pick songs, bringing us an inspiring collection that includes Jerry Reed's A Thing Called Love, Gerald Crabb's Happy Song, and traditional treasures like Another Soldier and Living On The Other Side. The band, New Jerusalem, has several albums to their credit, but this is the first to feature Candy, and it's high time. She's not only got the voice, but also the soul, to deliver these great songs. In a sea of ultra-talented Bluegrassers, Candy and family shine like stars on the tide. (August 2008)

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Precious Memories  (June 2009)

Our rating system rates 1 - 5, with 5 being the highest...Walk a Mile In My Shoes and I Know That I Know are both 6's, over the top!  There are no songs on this project that rate below a 4.  We give Heaven's Just a Prayer Away and I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal both 5's.   New Jerusalem Bluegrass has an awesome sound and instrumentation. - Micki and Gene Farrington